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We are based in Gurugram, (near Delhi, formerly Gurgaon) and specialize in photographing interiors and architecture.  Our photography workflow, especially for assignments, aims to capture the natural dynamic range in compositions by overcoming the limitations of a camera sensor (relative to the human eye) through both in-camera and in-processing software.


Using only available light, this workflow is best suited to shoot interiors and architecture where: (1) the photographs need to look as realistically as they would in person, or (2) a large number of images need to be photographed in the least amount of time, or (3)  the properties and spaces that need to be photographed are too large or too difficult to be well illuminated with artificial lighting.


Results from assignments using this workflow can be viewed in our Interiors gallery, and we are glad to count Tata Trusts, Via Design India, NCube Planning & Design, Wesee (MOD), KK Technocrats, Myspace Architects, Teknion, EDC Space, Apollo International, and Ecolite Technologies among our clients.  Further, our landscape and other images have been used by FFO (Ministry of I&B), Maier Vidorno, InSource India, Shubham Group, Gill & Gleni Hospitality, etc., and we look forward to increasing our client base.


Do feel free to connect with us directly or using the contact page for assignments or use of images.  And thanks for visiting.


Worthycanvas Photography
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